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What is Aion?

Aion is the exclusive brand and narrative of the digital asset, focused on establishing itself a leader in the crypto ecosystem. As the economic underpinning of The OAN, Aion is establishing a third category of digital asset, distinct from the narratives of Bitcoin (“State Free Money”) and Ethereum (“Decentralized Internet”), and their alternatives. This category will be supported by bringing together a world-class ecosystem of validators, miners, exchanges, wallets, thought leaders, and organizations that support Aion and its usage in The OAN.

Why delegate AION to Everstake public pool?

AION has successfully launched Unity — a first-of-its-kind consensus algorithm that integrates Proof of Work with Proof of Stake. In the PoS subsystem of Unity, any coin holder of a system can become a staker and help secure the network and applications that run on top of it, e.g. Velocia. Everstake is a public pool operator, we hold a powerfull node that validates PoS blocks according to its stake weight and delegating you coins to our public pool will help you to increase your yields.

AION Staking Guide Via the OAN Native Wallet