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Delegating step-by-step

Arable is the first decentralized synthetic farming protocol that makes multi-chain farming accessible and convenient for users. At protocol you have access to any farm of any chain with their respective yields. Arable makes this possible by providing synthetic derivatives (synths) of native chain assets. The value of all synths are backed by assets like AVAX, USDT and Arable’s native token ACRE. By delegating ACRE, users are helping to secure the protocol and in return get rewards.

Why delegate ACRE to Everstake?

Delegating ACRE to Everstake will help you to increase your yields safely and effortlessly. Our highly-experienced technical team supports the infrastructure that you can rely on without worrying about losing your funds. We use bare metal servers distributed around the globe, have backup nodes for any emergencies and dedicated DevOps monitoring the network 24/7.

Now Everstake is one of the biggest PoS/DPoS blockchain validators having $6,2b+ total staked assets and 625k+ customers. We have a strong commitment to clarity and transparency of our operations. All our activities are open to the public, and we are ready to answer any questions. Reach out to us on Telegram.

How to delegate ACRE to Everstake?

Check out this guide on how to stake ACRE tokens.

If you are interested in staking ACRE worth $100,000 or more, please email us to get a special offer.

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