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Everstake Releases The ICON Telegram Bot v2.0

Everstake Releases The ICON Telegram Bot v2.0

Every single day is given to improve something and our team always strives to develop valuable things for communities. Today we’d like to announce that we have successfully upgraded our ICON Telegram Bot to v2.0 and now it supports more functionality which will be useful for users.

Since the last release, we were able to implement a variety of useful features, which should ease tracking of your current balances as well as network activities.

Here’s a quick list of old functionality:

- Add info about wallet balance;

- Show total balance for your wallets;

- Add an unlimited number of wallets;

- Exchange wallets or delegate addresses to monitor, rename and manage;

- Address balance checking in BTC and USD;

- Incoming/outgoing transactions notifications with threshold settings;

And here are our ICON bot updates:

- Shows when an account has staked or unstaked ICX

- Allows to see when someone votes/unvotes

- Now anyone can add their favorite P-Rep and see which account has voted or unvoted a particular representative. (It also includes the stake amount).

Now users have more flexibility and control in terms up-to-date information and other parameters. Our team will continue working on different ICON solutions, so that the network could continue growing and users could benefit from it.

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