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Everstake validator: Intro for Harmony (ONE) token holders

Everstake is a staking service provider well-established on the market. An experienced team of experts in the field of blockchain, banking, and finance is behind the development of the platform. The project was founded by the Ukrainian company Attic Lab - a well-known developer and EOS Blocks Producer. Everstake supports Harmony (ONE) staking. Detailed information is available on the official website -

The team manages secured nodes for POS protocols using enterprise-level hardware, which ensures high staking performance, efficiency, and security.

Why choose Everstake for Harmony staking

Everstake is a stable company that offers automated and secure solutions for staking your assets, such as Harmony and many other tokens that support the Proof-of-Stake consensus algorithm.


By voting for Everstake as your validator, you get:

  • Transparency. Users who stake for Everstake get access to extended coin statistics, as well as validator real-time statistics: total pool size, uptime, and so on;
  • A wide selection of coins for staking;
  • Low fees. The network fee is only 10% of the profit;
  • Profit calculator. You can calculate the yield from staking ONE asset directly on the website. 


Detailed information about the team and the project can be found on the official website of Everstake - Find out why it's better to participate in Harmony staking with Everstake.

If you still have questions, you can ask them in our chat (, where you can also chat with other users who will share their experience with you.

ONE token holder or potential investors can vote for our validator here ( You can also use this link to evaluate the Everstake validator performance.

Looking for a staking guide, we've got you covered:

Harmony Staking Guide Via Google Extension - 

Harmony Network Staking Guide Via hmy - 

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Twitter: @Everstake_pool

Telegram: @Everstake_chat


Reddit: /r/Everstake/


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