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Everstake Weekly Update Recap (April 21, 2020)

New markets such as cryptocurrency, allow investors to mitigate risks associated with portfolio management as opposed to traditional finance. While global stocks fall, cryptocurrency keeps steady, and teams who build decentralized systems made that happen. In this weekly recap, you will discover the latest updates across major blockchain networks.


  • Besides Truffle, we now also have Tezster Bundles: Boilerplates for Dapp Development on Tezos
  • 9 Days till the next Tezos event: Building DAOs with Jonas Lamis (StakerDAO) and James Young (MetaCartel)
  • Vertalo, tZERO to bring $300M in real-estate to the Tezos blockchain
  • Truffle announces Tezos support: a Q&A with truffle Head of Engineering Nick D’Andrea
  • Support for Tezos is now live in Truffle


  • South Korea Media’s Perspective on Recent ICON Project
  • Comprehensive ICON staking guide from staking rewards
  • Official IISS 3.0 Text Proposal will be ready for voting on UTC 2020–04–23 07:30 AM
  • ICON Foundation announced the media collaboration with @btc_manager
  • ICON Governance Meeting #3
  • ICON secures the 4th position for DApps with highest USD volume in Q1 2020




  • Crypto Exchange Bithumb to Launch Staking As a Service With IOST
  • IOST — Unchecked JavaScript Class Crashes Miners
  • IOST moved up to top 5 in China’s Research Institute Updates Crypto Ranking along with EOS, TRON, ETH & LISK


  • Everstake has entered into Ethereum Topaz test network
  • We have released Nebulas Staking Guide
  • Everstake has upgraded Kusama nodes to v0.7.30
  • We upgraded Solana Tour de SOL node to v1.1.5
  • Aion Rust nodes were successfully upgraded

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