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Everstake Weekly Update Recap (February 17, 2020)

Whenever it comes to blockchain ecosystems, communities dramatically help to develop those networks by frequent contribution. The second week of February was filled with many positive changes across many blockchains. Find detailed information about the latest news in this recap!


  • Babylon and Carthage rewards comparison was published on Agora Forum
  • Coinbase sets 25% commission for Tezos staking
  • Tezos Core development AMA was conducted on February 13
  • Paradigm Fund published an in-depth Tezos industry report


  • Yeosijae teams up with ICONLOOP to host a discussion on Feb 20 in Seoul regarding the blockchain future.
  • ICON Foundation Releases The 2020 Roadmap Update
  • RhizomeICX shoots the first P-Reps podcast and it’s available on Spotify


  • Unbiased wants to launch data marketplace to resolve problems associated with flawed AI
  • cc32d9 user publishes a guide on microcontrollers usage with EOSIO
  • Voice Beta goes live
  • BOS and Telos became available for trading on


  • Cosmos India organized an event called ‘When CeFi meets DeFi”
  • PersistenceOne has conducted the first ever non-standard IBC transaction.
  • EtherGavin to build an open system for staking rewards reporting.


  • Our team released the guide for ICX staking through Ledger Nano X
  • Everstake has upgraded a node on the Solana Tour de SOL cluster to v0.23.4
  • We have entered into TOP-10 most reliable Tezos bakers
  • Everstake has upgraded AION mainnet node on Rust to v1.2.0
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