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Everstake Weekly Update Recap (February 24, 2020)

The closer we are to the summer, the harder everyone works. During the last week, we have seen many positive changes across different PoS blockchains. It means that projects don’t stop and continue working on updates and solutions that help communities to grow. In recap, you will find detailed information on the most important events that happened in the last week.


  • Madfish solutions make an update of Thanos wallet.
  • Ryan Lackey participates on Tokyo FinTech podcast
  • Solidity to LIGO transpiler challenges
  • Tezos Ukraine presented Tezos technology on the Ukrainian CBDC Conference organized by NBU.
  • LIGO Lang releases new update on Tezos smart contract languages


  • Everstake applied for VelicGrant campaign for ICON Reward and Tracking Bot
  • Bank of Korea Develops Blockchain-Based Bond System
  • Everstake launches a small bug bounty program


  • BlockArcade became live on WAX
  • works on a new technology called DISK which allows storage of larger amounts of network data.
  • Agora Innovation gets funding from FinLab EOS VC


  • MESG Network Explorer has been released.
  • Tendermint releases an update on State of All in Bits Inc
  • Cosmos India will participate in Parallax Hackathon.


  • Everstake publishes an article-explainer regarding the IOST Blockchain
  • Our team has participated in CBDC Conference organized by NBU
  • Everstake voted ‘Pass’ in the Promotion stage of the Carthage 2.0 amendment proposal.
  • Bohdan Opryshko has conducted a meeting related to ICON blockchain in one of the Kyiv colleges

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