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Everstake Weekly Update Recap (February 3, 2020). Promising February.

It’s just the beginning of the new month, and we were able to see how many projects pushed the envelope, presenting new updates and products that communities were waiting for. Learn more details in this recap!


  • Nomadic Labs developed the new consensus protocol called ‘TenderBake’
  • AirGap releases Beacon, an dApp which allows connecting all types of Tezos wallets.
  • BakingBad updated its TzKT explorer, and now it supports .csv export statements.
  • Taquito updated its TypeScript library suite for Tezos development.


  • Everstake two comprehensive ICON FAQs for Russian, Ukrainian and English communities.
  • An Austrian blockchain company block42 releases an ICON blockchain overview.
  • Everstake updates its ICON Vote Monitor.


  • An EOS developer Dexaran published an article regarding self-securing smart-contracts.
  • WAX announces its partnership with AIKON to support the WAX network development.
  • LiquidApps released LiquidX, the global network for illiquid assets.
  • plans to rebuild the digital infrastrucuture of society.


  • Band Protocol has successfully launched its mainnet.
  • Cosmos plans to implement decentralized serverless computing.
  • Sentinel wants to support Jae Kwon’s transition to Virgo.


  • Our company has successfully conducted Tezos infrastructure updates.
  • Everstake launches an additional ICON node for extensive tests.
  • We have extended Tezos baking discounts till cycle 2015.
  • Considering our involvement in Solana network, we made an interview with Solana CEO, Anatoly Yakovenko.
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