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Everstake Weekly Update Recap (January 13, 2020). Essential Industry News.

The last week was marked with a significant number of accomplishments across many blockchains as well as projects. That means we are entering into the new year which should allow everyone to bear fruit and acquire prosperity. In this recap you will find the latest industry news across the most popular PoS blockchains and projects!


  • Blockmove releases a proposal to Decentralize Contract Deployment.
  • Saramin, GS Sho, and LIME Solution have joined MyID Alliance.
  • Revision 8 Proposal got approved with 16 “YAYs”.


  • Cogito, a Hong Kong-based game studio, revealed that self-functioning economy of its new game Horseman GO will be released on EOS blockchain.
  • Binance Futures launched EOS Futures Contracts with maximum leverage of 75x.
  • LynxChain went live on the last Tuesday, January 7.
  • Blockone has successfully released EOSIO v2.0.0.
  • Salah Zalatimo plans to become the CEO at Voice.
  • Cypherglass has been officially joined Telos.


  • A separate entity called Tezos Israel launches its operation to support the Tezos network and the community.
  • Cryptium Labs starts developing a new programming language.
  • StakerDAO chose Tezos as layer 1 chain for their launch.
  • A new version of the Tezos mainnet branch gets released.


  • cosmosvanity, a CLI tool for generating Cosmos vanity addresses has been released.
  • BitSong officially announced the Validator Contest for bitsong-testnet-3.
  • Starting from January 13th Coinbase Pro adds support for ATOM.


  • Everstake asks its Tezos delegators to express their opinion on the protocol amendment 006 aka Carthage 2.0.
  • Bohdan Opryshko of Everstake participated in a podcast with Corey Crypto, an ICON ambassador.
  • Everstake published a guide on ICON for its Russian-speaking audience.
  • Our team created the list of the most reliable Tezos bakers.
  • We deployed an oracle service on Chainlink.
  • Everstake joined the #Solana Dry Run №6.
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