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Everstake Weekly Update Recap (January 27, 2020). Industry Updates.

From time to time blockchain improvements seem to be slow, as almost with any other industry. But they compound every single day and in a few years, there will be a great result in the form of a product which could help you in your endeavors. During this week many projects made small but important steps towards their future that you can read about in this recap.



  • JH Kim speaks on the Age Of Decentralization

  • MyID Alliance and Korea Startup Forum will organize a saminar at ICONLOOP’s office


  • Chintai announces a new service called Chintai Merchant Network designed for leasing and trading.

  • LiquidApps launched the dApp Network Grants Program.


  • Luiz Milfont developed an dApp which allows calling smart contracts.  

  • Tezos Boston announces Tezos Pitch Competition.

  • ZenGo announced delegation support in its mobile application 


  • Cosmos Network explains benefits of its blockchain network for enterprise use-cases. 

  • Zoe, a platform for smart contracts based on the Cosmos blockchain has added new features.

  • Bluzelle database has implemented the Tendermint to allow for consensus mechanism.


  • Our company has entered the WAX testnet. 

  • Everstake has joined the Oasis Quest competition. 

  • Specifically to cover Tezos community needs, we released the Tezos Staking Guide via Guarda Wallet.

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