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Everstake Weekly Update Recap (March 2, 2020)

Building any projects is no easy feat and very often it requires not only effort, but the discipline to overcome the constant flow of incoming problems. But, such competitiveness in the industry makes weak companies to leave the market, while opening new ways for development for others. Find detailed information on the latest industry news and updates in this weekly recap.


  • Tezos Ukraine keeps working towards Tezos-based CBDC in Ukraine
  • Payzos releases the first demo of its Tezos payment service for WooCommerce
  • AirGap released the new version of its Beacon Wallet
  • TezosCommons publishes a descriptive material related to Tezos advancements in the STO Space
  • Tezos margin trading became available on Kraken and Kraken Pro
  • Cryptonomic plans to make asset tokenization available on Tezos soon.


  • ICON foundation has published the February update on the Development Roadmap
  • Everstake updated its ICONVoteMonitor, adding new functionality suggested by @Dr_ICON_Lee
  • Keep track of ongoing ICON projects using the special overview tool
  • Bohdan Opryshko from Everstake released the ICON monthly recap
  • RHIZOME: The P-Rep community meeting will be shifted to a bi-weekly schedule
  • ICX Station publishes the ICON Deconstructed material which describes in detail network specifics at the basic level


  • EOSIO smart-contract with EVM invoking capability challenge is still ongoing
  • Ethereum smart contracts are 10 fold faster when running on EOS
  • GO Crytpo Wise publishes the blockchain functionality comparison material for NEO and EOS
  • EOS Nation announces that Matthew Darwin will be their representative on the Open City Network


  • Now Cosmos can be used to buy things on Amazon, Bestbuy and other through gift cards
  • Bitcoin Suisse publishes an ATOM staking guide
  • Cosmos India successfully finishes the 36-hour hackathon at VIT University
  • ATOM staking becomes available in Magnum Wallet
  • Cyber releases an explainer material related to their blockchain network


  • Our team published the second IOST Blockchain Explained Guide
  • TezTracker has been successfully upgraded
  • Everstake reduced its I-Rep to 40,000 to reduce the inflation of the ICON network
  • We continue to run Tezos Promo with reduced fees to 5% until cycle 215
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