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Everstake Weekly Update Recap (November 18, 2019). Cosmos, ICON, Tezos and EOS Industry Updates

It doesn’t matter how fast you go, it matters how far away you can go, keeping the same pace over a long period of time. This principle also applies to such blockchains as Cosmos, ICON, Tezos, and EOS, which have shown interesting tractions across their communities during the last week. Read more in this weekly recap!



  • Recently, the Velic crypto service provider has added Staving for Cosmos cryptocurrency, which means that now users can stake and save their crypto at the same time.
  • Cosmos community has passed its votes for Hub 3 Upgrade Proposal E, which is scheduled to be implemented in December. 
  • Just a few days ago, Kava Mainnet went live, which marks a good start for a Tendermint-premised cross-chain DeFi platform that offers stablecoins and lending for such assets as BTC, BNB, XRP, and ATOM.


  • During the last week, the ICON’s community has offered a new approach to keep track of P-Rep Disqualifications in a spreadsheet.
  • Chainode Capital continues developing ICONExporter, a tool that allows exporting ICX transactions to .csv or .xlsx files.
  • RHIZOME, UBIK Capital, ICONation, and Sharpn announced the developer tool and portal called ICON CORE, which aims at onboarding developers on the ICON network.
  • OAKnode has launched the OAK Infra, an infrastructure solution for ICON P-Reps.


  • Equisafe has released the first of the 4 smart contracts intended to play the core components role of the NYX standard.
  • Nobody likes inactivity, and specifically fighting back the common ground, Baking Bad released a list of zombie bakers
  • Swiss SIX issues Tezos ETP, the first income-generating crypto product tied to XTZ. 
  • Baking Bad has developed and released the Netezos, a package of .NET Standard 2.0 libraries for Tezos.


  • Greymass decided to support the EOS community by releasing a service that helps DApps to get additional CPU for their operations. 
  • actively prepares for participation in voting for protocol upgrades.


  • Our team has released an overview of the functionality of our newly redesigned website for new users who are not yet familiar with the Everstake platform.
  • Crypto events don’t go under the radar, thus you can find photos from the last NEO meetup following this link.
  • Don’t get caught in zombies’ hands, because in the end, you can lose money. Choose your delegate wisely.
  • Everstake has finished all preparations and released the ICON Monitor, which helps to get basic network information about nodes.


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