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Everstake: why we chose to join the FIO Protocol. Our contribution to the FIO Ecosystem

“FIO Addresses are a single identifier that eliminates the need to see, or even know about, blockchain public addresses.

It’s simple to register, easy to use, and works with every token/coin automatically.”

“When people talk about mass adoption, they mostly think about technical implementations that must improve the current situation by allowing cryptocurrency financial operations.

But everything starts with a simple understanding of particular blockchain technology and how it can be used, managed or improved so that more people could find benefits in it.”




Everstake, by now a force to be reckoned with ≈ $3 billion in digital assets and trusted by over 325,000 delegates, was founded on a sheer fascination with blockchain technology, and EOS in particular. 


Now a company with an impressive reputation across the cryptocurrency industry, we started by observing the magic of crypto and trying to build our own systems that would enable this miracle to continue. There is something genuinely wonderful about the world of crypto with its relentless dedication to make freedom of opportunities accessible for anyone in the world and enable people to be all they can be. 


You can experience anything and have anything by putting in hard work, studying, earning, trading (often with 0 starting capital and no entry barriers), staking, and now even more and more opportunities to become ultimately powerful. We’re working around the clock to make that happen for as many people as possible, and we’re thrilled to make the FIO protocol a part of the mission of making crypto easily accessible for everyone.


This is Everstake’s story. It starts at launching EOS nodes and continues vigorously at where we are today, with the best quality hardware, including multiple servers and redundant nodes, an experienced development team that monitors the network 24/7 to achieve 100% uptime, nodes for up to 45 PoS blockchains, and, simply put, the highest standard of service to the stakers worldwide. It’s another proof that anyone can become successful with hard work, integrity, and a sense of community. 


Together we stand


“In four years in the crypto industry, everything happened that has happened in the American financial system in the last 100 years… Nowadays we’ve achieved significant progress, and Everstake is one of the biggest parts of it all. This is one of the most advanced and profitable projects of ours, although it was not originally conceived as such. We didn't have a business plan or strategy. I am a development engineer and our engineering curiosity once prompted us to launch the EOS node – we became block producers. But this was not enough for us, and we began improving our performance.


As a result, our engineering experiments led to the fact that we started closing blocks on the EOS network at a speed of one block per second and in the testnet we brought the throughput to 30,000 blocks per second. After that, folks from other projects began to pay attention to us with requests to repeat this experience. Further on we realized that the rewards are quite enough to formalize this case into a separate project.”


Sergey Vasilchuk, Attic Lab’s CEO.


We genuinely believe that Satoshi Nakamoto’s legacy could not go on like it did without its starkly enthusiastic and faithful team. It was this wonderful community that enabled crypto to lift off and helped it succeed. The sense of community is deeply ingrained in its decentralized nature. 


As long as we stand together, the future promises to be as legendary as it has been so far. That is why at Everstake we’re dedicating our not inconsiderable resources to constantly help, encourage, and boost new and beautiful projects that will make the crypto world even stronger and effective, supporting blockchains ecosystems by creating educational content, apps for staking, working on bridges, collaborating on DeFi projects and so on.


What makes it unique? 


“What makes FIO stand out from other blockchain projects is the simplicity of use. All you need to do is to create a human-readable account which looks like [email protected] and integrate it with your wallet.”


As far as FIO is concerned, we’re very happy to have forged this new alliance due to the immense value FIO can bring to the DeFi (and crypto) ecosystems. You can read about it in all its splendor in this article.  


FIO is a protocol that is a usability layer that sits above all blockchains integrated into the crypto-enabled products and services like wallets and exchanges. This means it works with every chain and token that exists or will exist as long as those tokens are in a FIO-enabled wallet. Blockchains will be able to once again strengthen the sense of togetherness on another level and make all things work together as one. One company that recognizes that is Binance: 


“We invested in the decentralized FIO protocol because we believe it has the potential to become the operational layer of the entire blockchain ecosystem…It will work with all blockchains. Binance expects that over time it will also become an operational standard that integrates all blockchain-related products”.


Katie Zhu, spokeswoman for Binance Labs.


Crypto’s complexity: friend or foe?


To say that Bitcoin’s security is outstanding would be to say nothing. But everything comes at a price. Not all the users are able to learn and understand these systems, deal with them, understand how to sell and buy, get the address right, and so on.


FIO protocol solves many of these problems easily and elegantly: 


“FIO is a decentralized service layer based on the DPoS consensus algorithm. The key goal of the project is to become a single platform combining all crypto endpoints under its hood to enable interaction with any blockchain through one human-readable account. Both developers and end-users can make use of its convenient interface to access wallets, exchanges, crypto payment processors, and any other cryptocurrency-based applications.”


Everstake and FIO


How is FIO doing now? 


With our help, and many other supporting projects out there we’re happy to state FIO is actively developing following the mainnet launch. Another big step forward is the launch of FIO token staking that is planned in the upcoming couple of months. We are actively supporting the FIP-21 implementation and invite all FIO holders to stake soon with us!

Everstake's contribution to the FIO Ecosystem


In order to support the FIO Ecosystem, we have created educational articles about FIO. In those, we discuss what FIO Protocol is and how it stands out amongst the other blockchains. We've translated these articles into a few languages, which are most loved within the FIO community. We love seeing them causing resonance and turning up all over the place!


1)  Focus. Improvise. Overcome: FIO Protocol and making sense out of chaos 






2) FIO Protocol. A Comprehensive Guide on Voting (via Anchor and Edge Wallets)








3) FIO addresses and Block Production in FIO Protocol: what it is and what it is used for 





4) What is FIO Protocol and how it works 



Our contribution doesn’t end there. Check out the FIO Protocol dedicated page on our website: for the main facts about the network. Once the staking will be implemented, we’ll add a staking calculator to our website, as well as more information on the actual staking process.


We also do regular FIO Protocol Weekly Updates to educate the crypto community. Check us out on 




End of May 2021, Everstake conducted the FIO Protocol Staking FIP-21 Analysis. Our analysts have covered possible scenarios of the staking process perspectives and proposed some solutions that could possibly improve the proposal.


We are covering the main events of the network and preparing the ground for FIO token staking feature implementation expected later this summer. Once the staking is launched, we will be assisting delegators with our step-by-step Guides and support.


Why vote on FIO?

By voting for the best quality producers you help the project grow. This in turn increases the price of the token. In theory, if the best producers get voted to the top 21 (active producer) the token will increase in value as quickly as possible.  Also, if you cast a lot of votes for a producer you could have influence over how they behave. This is why all producers have a code of conduct page and why they disclose ownership, etc.


How does voting work? You can find out more about voting in this article. 




Everstake is one of the biggest staking service platforms, providing an opportunity to profit off digital assets for both large crypto investors and private token holders. Our platform gives users a wide choice of cryptocurrencies for staking investment. We strive to summarize our extensive experience with numerous PoS chains and derive the most efficient strategy that could be applied to each of the blockchains while paying attention to specific features of those. We run the advanced infrastructure that is being supervised 24/7.


Support us and vote for [email protected] Don't hesitate to use our Guide for Voting if needed! 

Looking forward to you coming back as one of our FIO delegators later this year!







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