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How to Stake BAND (Band Protocol) with Ledger Wallet

Ledger hardware wallets support cryptocurrency staking, including Band Protocol. You can stake any number of BAND tokens and receive passive income of up to 20% per annum.

The Everstake team prepared a simple beginner guide explaining how to stake BAND tokens using a Ledger Nano S/Nano X hardware wallet.

Step 1. Launch the Ledger Live app

Step 2. Download Cosmos (ATOM) using Ledger Live

Band Protocol uses Cosmos SDK, so you first need to install the Cosmos (ATOM) application from the Ledger Live directory.

Step 3. Connect your Ledger device to your web wallet

Now choose a connection method. In our case, it’s “Ledger — Cosmos”. The Ledger will verify that the site you are connecting the hardware wallet to is genuine. Leave HD Derivation Path unchanged and click “Connect to Ledger”.

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Confirm the action on the Band Protocol browser page to use the Ledger device in that browser. Copy the address chrome://flags/#enable-experimental-web-platform-features by clicking the OK button in the pop-up window.

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Then enable the “Experimental Web Platform Features” option.

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Restart your browser.

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Once opened, will ask for permission to connect to the HID device. Click “Connect”.

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Success! The hardware wallet is successfully connected.

Step 4. Top up your wallet

After the coins arrive in the wallet, you can proceed to BAND staking.

Step 5. Choose a validator

Click on the validator to continue.

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Step 6. Embed BAND

Enter the number of tokens you want to delegate manually, or just click “Max” to stake the entire amount at once. Enter any amount: Band Protocol has no limits. Usually, you don’t need to enter a Memo, but if the validator has this parameter, then you need to enter it as well. After that click “Next”.

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Click the “Broadcast button. A notification will appear on your Ledger device and you need to confirm the transaction on the device by pressing two buttons simultaneously.

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If you have successfully staked Band tokens, you will see the following message:

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Done! After the delegation, by clicking the “View Details” button, you can open a page with detailed information about the transaction.

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Please note that the unstake period is 21 days. This means that you can only unstake and withdraw coins to your wallet after this time has passed. We wish you profitable staking!

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