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ICON Vote Monitor Walkthrough Guide: Analytical Tools Give A Better Edge

Our team was always eager to provide different blockchain communities with tools that help everyone to understand the network processes better, and the ICON network is no exception here. Considering the fact that operations that run constantly every single day, users must know quantitative and qualitative indicators. In order to resolve this problem, we have developed a special tool called ICON Vote Monitor -  that carries a variety of different functionalities that help to analyze and evaluate numerous financial parameters across the network.

Home Page


We’ll start off by describing the Home Page of the ICON Vote Monitor, that contains the most essential analytical information related to Top 22 P-Reps such as the number of votes, votes share in the network, the number of voters, last activity, productivity rating, and the number of votes added or removed from a P-Rep.

If you are going to scroll down to the next section of the Home Page, you will find Top 10 most performing P-Reps during the last 30 days period. It’s a useful indicator that can easily shed the light on some performance problems of a particular P-Rep, or on the other hand simply positive changes.

And in some cases, you may want to know what wallet across the network has the highest number of votes, so this section represents Top 50 ICON Voters. This graph is accompanied by information related to the number of delegations, stake, unstaking amount that is currently being processed on the network, balance, and the account creation date.

P-Reps Section


In some situations, it’s necessary to understand quickly what P-Reps are currently operating on the network so that a voter could make an appropriate decision related to voting and staking his ICX tokens. This section helps everyone to do that with ease, allowing users to browse through all P-Reps in order to understand their delegated amount, share in the network, do they self vote or not, their status, changes in the number of votes during the last 24 hours, and of course the P-Rep creation date.

Election Statistics


This analytical tool allows you to keep track of voting activities related to the P-Reps that you can choose in the appropriate menu. By checking every single P-Rep you may understand how well do they perform, and whether or not they have some indirect issues associated with their activities on the network. Election Statistics tool allows to choose a specific time frame, for example, the last year, month, week, or day, helping a user to see a bigger picture of a P-Rep performance.

P-Reps Ranking

Whether you are a P-Rep or simply a voter you can use the P-Reps Ranking tool to find insights related to the Top 200 voters who have voted for P-Reps that have the highest number of votes on the network.



The accounts section projects up into the list all possible accounts generated on the network, this tool simply helps to understand the total number of accounts created over a certain period of time that you can set using the filter. 

Put your ICON address into a search field and you will be able to find all information regarding your account. Voting share, 30 days voting activity, Delegations, and Rewards.

P-Reps And Top-Voters Visualization


Have you ever wondered how exactly the ICON network looks like when it comes to complex financial connections between Top P-Reps and Voters? - Now you have such an opportunity to look at the network participants’ relations. By clicking on a particular account(sphere) you will be prompted to open this address with more details.  

Don't forget to try it all here -

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