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Tezos Amendment Call for Action

As many of you know Tezos is currently in the Exploration stage of the protocol amendment 006 aka Carthage 2.0 which is a joint effort of Nomadic Labs and Cryptium Labs. The Exploration stage is bound to end on January 19. You can find a detailed description of the proposed change by following the links below:


Our personal position for the current stage is to cast a 'Pass' vote. We're conducting our own research on the potential consequences of the amendment and until it's done we're inclined to vote neutrally. However, as a public baker, we can't make such a decision single-handedly without consulting with our delegators first. Everstake want to provide our delegators with a transparent option to express their voting preferences.

Therefore, if you're delegating to Everstake and would like to indicate your stance on the amendment you can do this on-chain by sending a 0 transaction to one of the following addresses:

YAY tz1Mz5yAVCVm92SubuYsg3oVpxbzuJy4UV92
NAY tz1Q3rauTMmHy6ErS4otVskAPRVhXwnmpq9Y
PASS tz1NtwgG8bg1jXYQ5ehcCDfvsJt8Ur35pPch

We will process all the transactions on January 17 and vote taking into account our delegators preferences.
! Please note that you will have to pay the transaction fees which is currently 0.00179 XTZ.


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