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TezTracker Update #5

For the past couple of weeks, we have been busy improving our latest version of and also working on a few new features. So, in this quick overview, you will find what has been done so far.


We care about the mobile experience on our service, thus we have added a new responsive layout for smartphones that allows having seamless and convenient interaction with the interface.

Our team always looks ahead, and we decided to add the Carthage testnet support as well, because most of the important things related to preparations and protocol amendments happen there.

Aren’t you tired of hexadecimal addresses? — We do!

With the new functionality called ‘Baker Alias’, we won’t see combinations of numbers and letters, instead, we’ll have a slick name that represents a particular entity. To the accompaniment of the alias update, we’ll be adding public bakers’ logos next week.

Search is one of the most important functions that we have improved too, now users will have more flexibility when it comes to transactions, addresses, blocks lookup, and other.

Apart from what catches the eye, we’ve hugely optimized our backend and frontend part to ensure that teztracker is robust and responsive.

We love driving innovation, and we’ll continue delivering new updates, including code the related to governance that we are planning to deliver in our next update. So, stay tuned!

As always we welcome any feedback and suggestions. So, if there’s anything on your mind, let us know.

TezTracker website:

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