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Learn how and why to vote for Everstake, your trustful staking service

Delegating step by step

Why vote for Everstake with your CYBER?

Voting in CyberWay will increase your stake and bring you stable yields on assets that otherwise would be just kept on your wallet without bringing extra income. Everstake runs a node, which means it stores all the blockchain data with it. Not only it stabilizes and maximizes the block production rewards, but it also plays a big role in the CyberWay ecosystem's stability.

CyberWay node running and hosting service

Running a CyberWay node requires a powerful machine, stable Internet connection, and perfectly set-up software. Having a node also needs large storage capabilities. Reliable node operation can only be achieved by a professional software and hardware engineer. If you need to run your own full node, Everstake will set up and keep it for you for a competitive price. Instead of having your node in unpredictable conditions, run it in a world-class data center under the control of specialists.