Run Dash masternode:

Run your own Dash masternode with Everstake, your PoS partner

1. Verify your account
2. Add your Dash address

Delegating step by step

Dash masternode running and hosting service

Running a Dash masternode requires a powerful machine, stable Internet connection, and perfectly set-up software. Reliable masternode operation can only be achieved by professional software and hardware engineers. If you need to run your own masternode, Everstake will set up and keep it for you for a competitive price. Instead of having your masternode in unpredictable conditions, run it in a world-class data center under the control of specialists.

Masternode stats in Everstake Telegram bot

Forget about uncomfortable manual monitoring of your Dash masternode. Set up notifications and alerts for your profits from the masternode right in the Everstake Telegram bot - Get all the statistics of your masternode at a glance right in your everyday use messenger, anytime, anywhere.

Delegating stats in Telegram Dash delegation bot

Make sure to take advantage of the Everstake Telegram bot that allows you to request account balances, get real-time notifications on all transactions, check the correctness of rewards, and more. It is a handy tool letting you have control over your staking on the go. To be in pace with your staking progress, set up the bot to display your Dash delegation rewards and check their correctness -