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How to stake FIO

2022 stands as a promising year for the Foundation of Interwallet Operability as the FIO Staking is already live on mainnet. FIO Staking is a big step forward towards the success and development of FIO Protocol as it enables its holders to earn rewards, participate in governance, and support ecosystem growth.

Through the given guide we will explain how to stake FIO through the Anchor Desktop app.

Also, We have previously covered in detail how to create an FIO Account and obtain a free FIO Crypto Handle via Edge wallet.

Voting in FIO Protocol

Who are the Block Producers in FIO and why are they important?

Block Producers play an important role in managing the FIO Protocol blockchain. As the name suggests, they add new blocks. On every cycle a block is added by one Block Producer (BP). Other members of the network vote for BPs. Token holders participate in the development of the network and help Block Producers maintain its stability by voting for them. The token price is ultimately connected to the value of its ecosystem. FIO holders participate in the system and therefore all take care of it. By voting for the best BPs you help the project grow!

Voting concept

Voting helps align interests among token holders, developers, and network operators, which paves the way for innovation. Vote to prioritize network security, encourage constructive participation, and promote transparency. Take into account candidates’ contributions to the FIO Protocol ecosystem, as well as their support for community programs, initiatives, and contributions.

Why vote for Everstake?

We at Everstake run nodes for up to 45 PoS blockchains aiming to provide the highest standard of service to stakers worldwide. Everstake is one of the biggest staking service platforms presenting an opportunity to profit off digital assets for both large crypto investors and private token holders. Our platform gives users a wide choice of cryptocurrencies for staking investment. We also support blockchains ecosystems by creating educational content, apps, working on bridges, DeFi projects and collaborations.

  • In order to contribute to the FIO Ecosystem, we at Everstake have been creating educational content about FIO.
  • We present a regular FIO Protocol Weekly Update on social media to educate the crypto community (Follow us on Twitter and Telegram).
  • In May 2021 Everstake conducted FIO Staking FIP-21 Analysis for FIO Protocol.
  • In order to assist potential delegators we are preparing to create Staking Guides once the FIO Staking is implemented soon.

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Guides and Articles

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The ranking for block producers on the FIO network

Everstake BP is usually taking some of the highest positions in the FIO BPs performance ranking.

The rankings are generated by measuring performance, and participation in maintaining the network as measured by the fio-bp-vote utility. Maintenance includes updating fees to keep pricing at a reasonable level, participating in contract updates, and a series of maintenance calls that optimize state or trigger reward payouts.

Check FIO Producer Ranking

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