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Everstake is the best place for holders. We provide the highest levels of security, support, and governance insight to protect your assets and help you to generate maximum returns.

Delegating step-by-step

Why delegate Harmony to Everstake validator?

By delegating your ONE tokens to Everstake you get rewards for your stake increasing the amount of cryptocurrency that you have as opposed to simply holding it with a desire to sell it once the market offers a higher price. Furthermore, active network participants increase the decentralization of the network, making it more stable and robust against different attacks. Running your own node validator not only requires high-end hardware, stable and fast internet connection, well-maintained software but also it takes deep technical knowledge related to node deployment process and maintenance. Our highly-experienced technical team supports the infrastructure that you can rely on without the need to deploy your own node for staking operations.

Everstake validator on Harmony Portal

How to delegate Harmony tokens to Everstake?

We've got you covered! Our team has released a few step-by-step guides to make your staking process effortless. One of the most common ways to stake Harmony is via a Google Chrome extension – Harmony One Wallet. Make sure that you are using the latest version of the original extension. For those who used it before and haven't updated in time, please delete a deprecated extension and follow our Guide steps for account recovery.

Staking Harmony (ONE) via a Chrome extension

Feel free to give a try to other wallets if you prefer staking on mobile.
Staking was never easier with these walk-through guides:

Stake ONE in Trust Wallet through Frontier

Harmony Staking Guide via Math Wallet

How to Stake ONE via Guarda Wallet

How to stake Harmony (ONE) with Blits Wallet

There is also an alternative (and not that popular :)) way to stake, which requires a bit of coding from a user:

Stake Harmony via HMY

Token (code): ONE
Block rate: ≈2 sec.
Epoch time: ≈18h
Percent of the supply staked: >41% (in March 2021)

Why to stake Harmony with Everstake?

"Everstake is built by professionals who have been enthusiasts in blockchain and cryptocurrencies for several years so far. We have great hands-on experience in building blockchain products of all kinds, ranging from small developer tools and comfortable mobile wallets to exchanges and sophisticated enterprise-level blockchain tools for businesses. We have experienced software and hardware specialists who built us staking machines for all best DPoS blockchains. We offer continuity and care about the loyalty of our customers, who can stake any coin with us, with the same level of transparency, stability of rewards, and comfort."

Development operations

Everstake's team strives to maintain the decentralization and stability of the TON blockchain. By supporting the TON ecosystem, we can create a better environment for the network growth and common benefit. Everstake is one of the initial network members, and we strive to get involved in TON ecosystem improvement at all levels. We vote, take part in contests and support the blockchain when it comes to important updates and developments.

Got issues? We’re here to help

Whenever there’s a problem, don’t hesitate to contact our friendly support team!

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