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Delegating step by step

Why delegate IoTeX with Everstake?

Delegating IOTX with delegate Everstake can gradually increase your stake. IoTeX Delegated Proof of Stake blockchain network requires a high-end node setup, with powerful hardware, well-maintained software, and a stable and fast Internet connection. Any of these factors contribute to the yields, and if something is far from perfect, you can end up in losses. Everstake is on guard of making IOTX staking hassle-free. We have a highly experienced engineering team with hands-on expertise in PoS staking spanning from its very beginning.

IoTeX node running and hosting service

Running a IoTeX node requires a powerful machine, stable Internet connection, and perfectly set-up software. Reliable node operation can only be achieved by professional software and hardware engineers. If you need to run your own node, Everstake will set up and keep it for you for a competitive price. Instead of having your node in unpredictable conditions, run it in a world-class data center under the control of specialists.

How to delegate IoTeX?

Staking IoTeX is extremely easy and is performed right in your IoTeX member panel . Log in to your member panel with Metamask, select the Voting tab and click New Vote. In the next menu, enter everstake in the Delegate Name field. Now you can select the stake size and duration in epochs, auto-restaking, and other details of your stake. After you have confirmed your stake and sent the transaction, you're in! Now Everstake is working to increase your stake!