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About Everstake

Where can I see the track records?

All blockchains have special websites or corresponding sections in block explorers, dedicated to staking and stats for all delegates. There you can see up-to-date actual vital stats for any staking provider, including Everstake. Also, in every blockchain we work in, there is an Everstake wallet address, which can be reviewed by everyone by the means of a block explorer.


Who are the people behind Everstake?

Everstake is built by a team of experienced engineers with expertise in blockchain development, staking hardware and software, economy, banking, technology, and more. You can learn about the personalities of Everstake and the experience they are bringing into the product in the Team section on our main web page.


Who is backing Everstake?

Everstake is a profitable business that doesn’t require additional finance intake at this point. However, Everstake is an affiliate company of Attic Lab, a blockchain software development company, with projects and customers ranging from blockchain-connected Telegram bots and wallet add-ons to sophisticated software suites and purpose-built enterprise blockchains.


What is the Everstake business model?

Everstake is taking a commission from the staking. The commission depends on the blockchain, but we try to keep it as low as possible, to maximize your yields. This commission is used for upkeeping the staking server infrastructure and maintaining the DevOps team. A small part of it is spent on the development of new utilities and tools for the blockchains we work with, to improve their everyday experience with blockchain technology.

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