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What is Casper Network?

The Casper Network is the first live proof-of-stake blockchain built on the Casper CBC specification with a focus on enterprise adoption. The Network’s mainnet launched on the Mar 31st, 2021, yet due to unique Highway protocol features Casper's ecosystem is growing really fast. Nowadays, the project is being recognized widely.


What is Casper (CSPR) staking?

Staking is indirect participation in the consensus mechanism. Not everyone is able to maintain validating nodes, and staking is an easy way to passively increase your Casper assets by delegating it to another node who will have the right to earn rewards for you. Setting up your wallet and delegating tokens to a validator usually won’t take more than 20 minutes, especially with the help of our guides.

One of the main ways to stake CSPR tokens is via the Casper Signer Chrome extension.

Delegation Guides and Articles:

Video Guide on Youtube:


Who are validators?

Validators finalize the blocks and get rewarded for this. They maintain and secure the network. In the case of Casper network, presently, there are 100 active validators.


How profitable is Casper Delegation?

Casper delegation APY is currently ≈11%. It does fluctuate though, so you might want to track the latest APY in the Explorer. You can also check it out on https://everstake.one/casper page but for the most actual data we advise to visit the Explorer.

Note that the delegators’ rewards may vary depending on the fees that validators withhold for node maintenance and service proposed. Also, the more stake is delegated to a validator, the more often the validator actually gets the chance to validate the block meaning that the final rewards are supposed to be higher.

The Everstake Casper staking calculator will help you calculate the rewards for delegation.


How to make a choice for the Validator to delegate to?

Requirements for validators are not that easy to comply with – the server should be always online, up-to-date and show stable high performance. So you should choose carefully.

Basic things you should look at when choosing your validator are:

  • Uptime (it should be as close to 100% as possible)
  • Fee (commission is a percentage of reward taken by the node operator to sustain servers and keep the service level high)
  • Validator’s details like contact information and website.
  • The stake size and number of delegators can say a lot about the validator as well. If the validator is active in the blockchain community that is also a big plus.
You can compare validators on this page


Why Delegate Casper (CSPR) to Everstake?

  1. Everstake is #1 validator by stake in the Casper Network supporting it since the first round of private token sales back in October 2020;
  2. Everstake uses high-performance servers and a large team of world-class fintech and blockchain professionals to stay online 100% of the time and always keep up with all of the updates. Everything to make a profit for you. Check our performance rate
  3. Everstake has experience with ≈50 other blockchains for 3+ years of proven record. We have transparent policies and our operation is exposed to the public. Everstake is identified in all main CSPR Explorers.
  4. Everstake is famous for its extensive database of educational materials. Check out our articles dedicated to Casper in particular.


Unlock period

You can undelegate at any moment. But whenever tokens are unstaked the protocol will continue to keep them locked for approximately 14 hours (7 eras) for security reasons.


Is it safe to stake CSPR?

Your tokens are completely safe (unless you pass someone your private key). Delegating means “freezing” your tokens by the PoS protocol using a smart contract. The tokens will still be left within your account but you won’t be able to transfer them or sell them until you undelegate tokens.


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