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How staking with my wallet is safe and secure?

Staking is absolutely safe with any of the wallets you can find in the network. Although delegation may sound as sending your tokens somewhere, in reality they remain blocked on your wallet and only the message that you have blocked a stake is propagated throughout the network. There is no need to wait for tokens to return once you un-stake them. Once you decide to do so, they simply are unblocked on your wallet.


Who has access to my funds when I stake them?

Nobody! Your stake remains on your wallet and is accessible only with your wallet’s private key, which is safely kept by you personally in a safe place. In lots of blockchains there is a certain period between the un-stake decision and unlocking of your stake (couple of days or until the next staking epoch, etc). This means, if your private key gets compromised, your stake is still safe, as you have extra time for security measures to keep your funds safe.


What security measures are in place in the staking process?

The staking process has also a few security measures that keep the network from failing and your tokens from losing their value. To prevent decentralization, most networks calculate the maximum staking balance allowed for a delegate and don’t allow them to gain voting power enough to ruin the network. Other networks disconnect user stakes automatically in case of any suspicious actions from a delegate. In any way, if anything unpleasant happens, your stake is always back in your wallet.

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