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Voting step by step

What is Remme?

The era of PKI controlled by certificate authorities is coming to an end. The evolving needs of enterprises, their increased connectivity, and the enhanced capabilities of ever more sophisticated attackers have necessitated a transition to a more resilient alternative. That alternative resides on the blockchain, where many of the fundamental weaknesses of traditional PKI do not apply. Blockchain is not a security panacea, but in the context of PKI, there are compelling benefits to be had from utilizing a decentralized environment.

Remme Protocol utilizes blockchain technology to replace traditional centralized instances of Public Key Infrastructure with a blockchain-based Network of Trust. How REMME is different? In REMChain, there were introduced a lot of modifications to bring more stability to the network and better relate to REM token economy specifics.

Some of them to mention:

  • The number and BP types
  • Rotation of 21-25 BP added
  • Stake is frozen for 6 months
  • The power of the vote is built up gradually to 100% weekly
  • Swap and oracle plugins
  • Guardians get rewarded from the very start

Why vote for Everstake BP?

Block Producers are independent and economically incentivized validating nodes that guarantee REMChain decentralization and distribution.

Everstake has a deep knowledge and expertise in operating EOS-like blockchain nodes and a great team of engineers to solve any kind of task, which makes you confident about network stability and security.