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Why delegate LUNA to Everstake?

Delegating LUNA to Everstake will help you to increase your yields safely and effortlessly. Our highly-experienced technical team supports the infrastructure that you can rely on without worrying about losing your funds. We use bare metal servers distributed around the globe, have backup nodes for any emergencies and dedicated DevOps monitoring the network 24/7.

High-performance servers, broadband channels and advanced network topology allow us to show 100% uptime that guarantees that you will not miss your rewards. More than 626,000 delegators in 45+ blockchains trust us. We have a strong commitment to clarity and transparency of our operations. All our operations and activities are open to the public. You can check the Everstake validator in Terra Station.

We are ready to answer any questions. Reach out to us on Telegram.

How to delegate LUNA to Everstake?

You may either use one of our step-by-step guides:

How to stake LUNA using Terra Station

How to stake LUNA using Ledger hardware wallet

or contact our support team for help.

If you are interested in staking LUNA worth $100,000 or more, please email us to get a special offer.

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