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Delegating step-by-step

Token (code): VLX
Era: β‰ˆ 2-3 days
Block time: 400 ms

Why delegate to Everstake?

Token holders can participate in the development of the network and help validators maintain its stability by delegating their tokens.

We strive to assist the crypto community in getting more familiar with the Velas technology and innovations. We participate on all levels in community life, following updates and publishing news and educational materials on social media channels.

Delegation Guides:

If you are interested in staking $100,000 (in VLX tokens) or more, please Email us to get a special offer!


About Everstake

Everstake is a large staking provider run by an experienced blockchain, IT and fintech development team. The team is actively involved in various crypto projects, develops solutions to improve the process of handling PoS blockchains, and provides validator services. Everstake works with almost all major blockchain projects using the Proof-of-Stake mechanism: Ethereum (ETH), Chainlink (LINK), Cosmos (ATOM), Tezos (XTZ), Near Protocol (NEAR), Band Protocol (BAND), Elrond (EGLD) and many others.

With over 325,000 delegators (as of June 2021) and a total stake in digital assets equivalent to β‰ˆ $3 Billion, Everstake is one of the most ambitious and promising projects in the crypto industry nowadays.

The Everstake team strives to simplify the delegation process for token holders and provide convenient services for staking monitoring. Newbies will find helpful guides in different languages on the Everstake blog to help them figure out how to stake certain tokens in various crypto wallets.

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