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Cosmos Analytics Tool by Everstake

We believe that any action in an advanced sphere, such as blockchain, should be based on the analysis of multiple related factors and basic modeling of the outcome of these actions. Staking is no different: to maximize the yields, the delegators should be on top of their data, have all the vital metrics for the blockchain and their stake at a glance, and build their strategy according to the changes on the market.


For the individual data for each stake, we provide a Telegram bot for every blockchain we are working with, including Cosmos Network. Earlier, the users were looking for the important network performance indicators on Cosmos block explorers, platforms and blockchain websites, which provided different stats without a unified presentation and made it hard to analyze.

No more!

Everstake has launched the Analytics page that allows you to overview all the important indicators of the Cosmos blockchain in one place at a glance. Follow the link and select Cosmos to start digging into the essential Cosmos metrics in one place.

In the left-hand menu, you can select one or multiple metrics to display, timespan at which the metrics will be quantized (one hour to one week per point), and the date range for the graph.

Currently, the following Cosmos stats are available:

  1. Number of Blocks shows the number of blocks, published between the two points in time (selected in the Timespan drop-down box);
  2. Number of Addresses Created shows the number of newly-created Cosmos wallet addresses in the same selected timespan;
  3. Number of Active Addresses displays all the addresses that have been performing as inputs or outputs of all transactions contained in blocks published during the selected time span;
  4. Total Number of Addresses is a cumulative metric of all Cosmos wallet addresses created until a certain moment since the network launch;
  5. Number of Transactions contains the amount of all transactions since the last point in time;
  6. Transaction Volumes displays the sum of all ATOM transactions in the network during the selected timespan.


Everstake is a verified Cosmos delegator, and we feel that our mission expands way beyond staking and block production. With each blockchain we are working with, we are building new tools, caring about the community and making everything we can to comfort the use of the platform. We believe that the community should have access to a clean and neat presentation of the platform metrics, and have launched the Cosmos Analytics page exactly for that purpose.

But the work doesn’t stop there. We are already working on improvements for the Analytics page such as the addition of new blockchains and indicators, and we’d like to hear your feedback. To provide you with extended information, we will also post a daily Cosmos stats digest in our Twitter account, so that you can receive all important information in one place without extra actions.

Feel free to submit the form posted right on the Analytics page to make sure that we go exactly where you need us.

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