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How to stake Harmony (ONE) in Trust Wallet through Frontier Wallet

Frontier Crypto Wallet allows you to import addresses from Trust Wallet and view balances or stake cryptocurrency. This guide will show you how to create a Trust Wallet, import it into Frontier, and stake Harmony (ONE) cryptocurrency.

Connecting Trust Wallet to Frontier

Install Frontier and Trust Wallet

Frontier is a functional DeFi wallet that provides access to decentralized platforms, including Maker, Compound, and Uniswap, and allows you to stake cryptocurrency directly using your mobile crypto wallet. First, download and install Frontier DeFi Wallet for your iOS or Android device using these links:

Note: A new beta version of the wallet is available for iPhone users. Before downloading it, you need to install Test Flight for testing applications. Instructions for testing applications with Test Flight can be found here

Install Trust Wallet - a secure multi-currency crypto wallet from Binance exchange. The wallet allows you to buy crypto assets using a card and effect their exchange (swap) on Binance Smart Chain (BSC) blockchain. You will connect to Frontier using Trust Wallet. You can download the application using these links:

Create a new wallet

Before importing into Frontier, you need to create a new crypto wallet and add funds. Launch the Trust Wallet application and click “Create a new wallet".


Create a backup. Without a backup, you will not be able to restore access to your funds if you lose your device or private keys and forget your password. To prevent this from happening, you need to write down and save the seed-phrase which consists of twelve words. Check the box and click "Continue".


Write down the words displayed on the application screen, keeping to the sequence. It is not safe to copy and take screenshots as hackers can gain access to the device and steal your funds. Store the seed phrase in a safe place on offline media: paper or special devices for storing mnemonic passwords like Cryptosteel Capsule. Once you write down the seed-phrase, click "Continue".


Now enter the words of the mnemonic password in the same sequence in which you wrote them down, and click "Continue" again.


You have successfully created your wallet. It remains to add funds. In order to accomplish this, you need to add your Harmony (ONE) address.


To add a Harmony Wallet, click on the settings icon in the upper right corner of the display.


A list of all coins supported by Trust Wallet will open. Enter "ONE" in the top line to quickly find the crypto asset, and then move the slider to the right to add an address. Click "Cancel" to exit the list and continue.


Now click "Done" to close the crypto assets list and return to the wallet's main page.


The address has been added. Click on the ONE crypto wallet to open it.


Then click "Receive" and you will receive the address for receiving ONE tokens.


Copy or share the address / QR code to receive coins. You can also issue an invoice for payment by specifying a specific amount using the "Set Amount" option.


Wait for a few confirmations until the transaction enters the blockchain. After that, proceed to import Trust Wallet in the Frontier app.


Import Trust Wallet


Launch the Frontier app and click Connect Trust Wallet. If you just want to see the balance without full access to the wallet, select the "Watch & Manage" option, but this only works for the Ethereum blockchain.


Trust Wallet will ask “Share my public address?". Click "OK" to continue.


Select Harmony ONE from the address list, then tap Done.


You only imported the public address. To stake tokens, you need to open full access to the wallet. Go to the "WALLETS" tab.


In the list that opens, select the Harmony ONE blockchain, then click on the "+" sign.


The wallet has been imported. Now you can proceed to ONE staking.

Staking Harmony 

Go to the "Stake" section of the Frontier wallet.


Here you will see the statistics on the staked ONE tokens. Click "Stake Now" to continue.


Find and select the validator you need from the list. Vote only for reliable validators, such as Everstake, with which there will be no downtime and security issues.


Enter the amount of ONE tokens you want to stake and click "Stake". The minimum amount for staking is 1000 ONE.


Confirm the transaction. Please note that the unstaking period is 7 epochs, during which tokens cannot be withdrawn and you won’t be getting any rewards.


Sign the transaction in your Trust Wallet.


The transaction is completed, and the Harmony tokens are staked. You can view the transaction details or return to the home page.


To unstake the tokens, go to the same "Stake" section, select the validator and click "Unstake". You can select multiple validators to delegate tokens to.

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