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How to Stake Harmony (ONE) via MetaMask

The Chrome Extension Harmony wallet is unsupported since the 15th of March 2022. In the meantime, the recommended desktop wallet for holding and staking your ONE is MetaMask. Harmony now supports staking at the smart contract level, opening the ability to use MetaMask to stake ONE while offering a number of other benefits to developers and delegators. Undelegating your ONE is NOT required, simply export your private key from the Chrome extension and import it into MetaMask. 

Through this guide, you will see how to migrate to MetaMask, create a wallet, and stake ONE. 

What is the Harmony Protocol?

Harmony Protocol is a next-generation blockchain launched in 2019 with the goal of improving a decentralized network's scalability. Thanks to its vertical integration and innovations on all stages of network operation, Harmony protocol uses the Effective Proof-of-Stake (EPoS) consensus algorithm. Therefore, Harmony is an open and fast blockchain that claims to execute transactions in 2 seconds at a low cost. A distinctive feature of the Harmony technology is that the platform uses fixed-issue mechanics: 3% of the supply of the total token is issued every year.

It is already proved that Harmony protocol offers high-level security. Harmony's sharding mechanisms are safe due to the Distributed Randomness Generation (DRG) process, which is unpredictable, verifiable, and scalable. The users benefit from this type of system since it helps to create an anonymous and equal environment.

Create MetaMask Account

First of all, before proceeding to the staking process, let’s install MetaMask Chrome Extension. For that, go to the following website and click Download Now.


After successfully installing MetaMask wallet on your browser, open it and press Get Started.


As in the given case, we are creating everything from scratch, press Create Wallet button. If you have a private key to import, we’ll cover this scenario further down.


Set the password, make sure not to forget it, and have something secure and hard to guess.


This is it! Your MetaMask account has been created! The only thing left is to add Harmony Network to it. In order to do so, press the Add Network button positioned at the righter-top corner of the display.


Fill out mentioned credentials in the exact same way and press the Save button.


Congratulations! You have successfully added Harmony mainnet to your MetaMask account. Before proceeding to the next step, we need to get funds in our present wallet. There are actually 2 ways through which this can be achieved: import Harmony Google Chrome Extension account using a private key or directly send funds using address.

Import private key from the Chrome Extension

In order to proceed with the given step, firstly, open your Harmony Chrome Extension App and choose the Export Private Key option.


After that insert your account password and copy to the clipboard the private key that will be displayed to you.


Go back to the MetaMask Wallet Extension and press the Import Account button. 


After that just paste the copied private key into the mentioned field and press the Import Button.


This is it! Now you can proceed with the staking procedures in MetaMask. But, before that let’s also discuss how to transfer funds from Harmony Chrome Extension to the MetaMask Wallet.

Transferring funds from one account to another

In order to proceed with the given step, simply copy the address that is mentioned at the center of the user interface in the MetaMask Wallet. By pressing the small clipboard button you should be able to copy it right away.


After that open the Harmony Chrome extension wallet and open the Sending sub-menu. In this menu, you can simply paste the copied recipient's address, insert the amount to be transferred, and all the other important details that are needed for the transaction. One more time make sure that the address is correct and press the Send button.


This is it! As mentioned above, we have completed the MetaMask account preparation procedures and now you can start using MetaMask instead of the Harmony Chrome extension.

How to Stake Harmony (ONE) using MetaMask

In order to stake ONE tokens, go to the Harmony Staking Website and press the Sign In button located at the bottom left corner of the display.


After that press the Use Existing Address button.


Finally, press the Use MetaMask Wallet button.


The dashboard displays your wallet portfolio and a list of validators to which tokens have been delegated. There are no validators in the portfolio yet, and they need to be added. To do that, go to the Validators tab in the left panel.


A list of validators will open.

Why stake with Everstake?

It's reliable: Everstake is a large, high-performance validator constantly improving its services and performance and running the best hardware and software. With highly qualified professionals on board, we have vast validating experience in ≈50 PoS blockchains and ensure ≈100% uptime.

It’s convenient: We provide monitoring services for staked assets. We support users and assist with staking-related issues in our Telegram chat 24/7.

It's simple: We regularly issue staking guides in our Blog to help newbies quickly figure out how to delegate assets across different wallets. We have dedicated Blockchain Managers for each of the networks to manage the operational flow in the most efficient way.


Type in the search bar the name of the selected validator, for example, Everstake, or find it in the list. Click on it to continue.


On the validator’s page, you will find statistics and other useful information: uptime, reward size, address, commission, and more. Click Delegate and proceed to staking.


Enter the number of tokens you want to stake, and leave a few tokens so that you have something to pay for the network fees with. You can stake everything by clicking the Max button or select the amount by moving the slider. But don’t forget to keep at least 1 ONE liquid in your account! When done, click Next.


What remains is to confirm the transaction in the Harmony One Wallet extension. Click on Confirm and Sign.


In the pop-up window, enter your wallet password and click Approve.


Congratulations! You managed to stake ONE. Wait a moment for the validators to confirm the transaction.


A new validator, Everstake, appears on the Portfolio page. Accrued rewards will also be displayed here.


If you decide to unstake these tokens, click on the validator again and then on Undelegate. But note that the unstake period lasts 7 epochs, which is approximately 5–6 days. Before this deadline, you will not be able to use your ONE tokens and will not be earning staking rewards anymore.

Wishing you profitable staking!

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