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Math Wallet Harmony (ONE) Staking Guide

Math Wallet supports over 65 cryptocurrencies and is available as a browser plugin, mobile, and web app. This is a multi-chain wallet that allows users to store, transfer and stake various crypto assets. In today's guide, we will help you figure out how to stake ONE in the mobile crypto wallet Math Wallet.

Wallet Creation

The process of creating a new crypto wallet and staking is fundamentally the same for different versions of Math Wallet. You can choose your preferred version and download it, if necessary, on the Math Wallet website. Download the wallet only by following the links from the official website.

Note: iOS users must first install the TestFlight app since staking is only supported in the beta version of Math Wallet Pro.

The application for Android and iOS can be downloaded from these links:

Download and then launch the Math Wallet app. A list of blockchains will appear on the main screen. Harmony uses its own blockchain for transactions with ONE tokens. You can find it by scrolling to the right.


Then you will be presented with these options:

  • Create a new crypto wallet;
  • Import an existing one if you created it before.

Creating a new wallet

1. Click on "Create a Wallet".


2. Come up with a name for your crypto wallet, for example, Everstake.ONE and a complex password for encrypting the crypto wallet and private keys. Please note that the password must contain at least one uppercase and lowercase letter, one number, and at least 8 characters. It will be helpful to use special characters.


3. Make a backup copy of the crypto wallet. All 12 words of mnemonics must be saved on some offline carrier and removed to a fairly safe place, hidden from prying eyes.


4. Confirm the mnemonic password. Add consecutive words in the field on the screen, and then click "Confirm". In other cases, the seed phrase needs to be rewritten.


5. If everything is done correctly, the wallet will open. It remains only to add funds.


Importing a Wallet

1. To import an existing wallet, launch the app after installation, select the Harmony ONE blockchain and click on “Import a Wallet”.


2. Select "Import with Mnemonic Words". If you prefer to use private keys, choose another option.


3. Enter sequentially twelve words of the mnemonic password, come up with a name for the crypto wallet, and then the password and confirm it. Click “Import a Wallet to restore your Harmony wallet.




Funding a wallet

1. Open the application and on the start page of the Math Wallet application, click on ONE wallet


2. Click “Receive”.


3. The ONE address will be revealed, which can be copied, and a QR code for quick scanning and sending tokens. Add funds to your wallet and proceed to the final stage - staking.


ONE staking

1. To stake ONE tokens, open the DApp section in the main application panel.


2. In the DApps list, select Harmony Staking Tools. Wait for the data to load. It will take some time.


3. Select a validator. For a quick search, enter the name of the validator in the string, for example, Everstake, and then select it. Wait again for the data to load.


4. The page that opens displays basic information on the validator Everstake: validator address, commission size, uptime, and others. Click "Delegate" to continue.


5. Click "Sign in" (The blue button, which may be cut in the mobile version of the wallet but still clickable) and log in to the crypto wallet to sign the transaction.


6. Click on "Use an existing address" and restore your existing wallet. You do not need to enter the recovery phrase.


7. Select "Use Math Wallet".


8. Now click  "Sign In" to add your pre-created Harmony ONE wallet.


9. Repeat steps 3 and 4. In this step, specify the number of ONE tokens that you are going to delegate to the validator, manually or by moving the slider to the right or left. The minimum amount you can stake is 1000 ONE. Then click "Next".


10. Check the details of the transaction and sign it by clicking "Confirm and Sign".


You have successfully delegated Harmony ONE to a validator and you will receive passive income.


Unstaking ONE


To unstake coins, click "Undelegate". Further, the procedure will be almost identical to staking: you will need to indicate the amount of tokens and sign the transaction. Unstaking will become available after 7 epochs (~ 5 days). Happy staking!


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