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Delegating step-by-step

Right now, all the tokens are locked, so delegation is not possible. It will likely be possible after September 14, so stay tuned :)

Axelar’s team will be releasing more details on staking soon.


What is Axelar’s idea?

Axelar is a universal decentralised network with an ambitious goal to connect all blockchains, assets and applications through a universal set of protocols and APIs. The team aims to make all of the cross-chain interactions simple and seamless in the same way that our local networks are connected globally. You can send a message from one continent to another without having to think about transferring, and you don’t need to look for bridges or side programs/interfaces to do so. You can send an email from an address to an or any other domain without thinking much about it. In the same way, Axelar’s team wants to connect the blockchains of all protocols and web3 projects.

Read our article on why we chose to join the Axelar network.

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