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Everstake: ICON Roadmap for 2020

The ICON community has set a clear demand for each P-Rep to provide an individual short-term roadmap that would outline its milestones. We consider such a request from the community to be appropriate and reasonable as it fosters transparency and accountability among P-Reps who actually get rewarded for their activity. Publicly available plans and corresponding timelines would discipline P-Reps and make it hard to back out of the announced commitments. Timely accomplishments of the publicly outlined goals would provide voters a good sense of each P-Rep's credibility and capabilities.

For these reasons, we eagerly uncover our milestones for the upcoming year in the present Roadmap.


Over 2020 we plan to:

  • enhance our Dashboard for voters and rewards Q1
  • translate guides and articles (around 20 articles by the end of Q1)
  • develop a Voting Monitor Q2
  • host an investment round #1 Q2
  • hold an ICON workshop Q2/Q3
  • develop an account history tool Q4
  • host an investment round #2 Q4

Please, note that force majeure events may coerce us to alter the present Roadmap. Nevertheless, we are determined to follow it persistently throughout the whole year of 2020.

Everstake Dashboard


The Dashboard provides users with analytics and statistics, which help to keep track of staking revenue and other essential metrics. Once logged into your account, you can find stats about rewards, balances, payout history, and other metrics.


Moreover, if you would like to have personal analytics on your staking operations, you have to add the ICON address that you used for staking by clicking on the ‘Add Address’ tab. Total Rewards graph will allow you to see your rewards dynamics in the course of a particular span of time.

Icon Tracking Bot 2.0

Over 2020 we plan to add new features to our Telegram Bot.


Currently, the Bot allows users to keep track of an unlimited number of wallets as well as exchange address. The Bot shows individual balances of user's addresses and an aggregated user's balance in BTC and USD. Additionally, the Bot sends notifications about incoming/outgoing transactions. We plan to add functionality that would allow tracking information about staking and voting activities from any account.

Voting Monitor

In 2020 we commit to building a Voting Monitor that will help track voting activity on the ICON network. Its functionality will encompass:

  • monitoring of voting accounts, a feature that targets P-Reps primarily;
  • basic historical information about P-Reps;
  • visualization of voting patterns and changes in ranks among TOP-22 P-Reps.

Investment Rounds

We plan to leverage our long-lasting relations with the dev community to seek talents and nurture their projects.


Everstake is one of the ICON P-reps! Please support us with your vote!
Every single vote matters for us, allowing us to continue developing tools for ICON blockchain and supporting the East European community.

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