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How to stake BAND via Atomic Wallet

Band Protocol has developed a scalable, high-performance, and decentralized platform with blockchain oracles that connect external data and smart contracts via an API. Users can become part of this ecosystem and earn passive income from staking. In today’s guide, we will explain how to stake BAND tokens in Atomic Wallet, both in desktop or mobile versions.

You can learn more about the Band Protocol in this article.

How to create a wallet

Atomic Wallet is an anonymous and secure multi-currency desktop wallet that allows you to get up to 23% per annum and supports staking cryptocurrencies such as Tezos (XTZ), Band Protocol (BAND), Cosmos (ATOM), and others. The wallet is available on Windows, Mac OS, and Linux platforms. Let’s take a closer look at the creation of a crypto wallet.

1. Download the installation file from the Atomic Wallet website for your operating system and run the installer. The program will be installed automatically.

Atomic Wallet also has a mobile app that can be downloaded from Google Play and the App Store. The process of wallet creation is almost identical for mobile devices and PCs.

2. Launch the client and click “New Wallet” to create a new wallet.

3. Create and enter a complex password to encrypt your wallet, and then confirm it. The password protects your wallet files from unauthorized access. Then click “Set password”.

4. Wait for the wallet to load.

5. The wallet will display a seed phrase of 12 pseudo-random words that you may later use to restore access to your wallet. Write it down on paper in the same sequence as shown on the screen, and save it in a secure place that is not accessible to unauthorized persons.

Important. It is not safe to copy a seed phrase to the clipboard or take a screenshot — it may be compromised. It’s better to note down the seed phrase on an offline medium. Do not share the seed phrase with anyone, only the wallet owner should know it.

When you are ready, click “Open wallet”.

6. The wallet has been created. All that remains is to top it up and you will be able to move on staking.

Atomic Wallet supports many cryptocurrencies. First, you need to find the BAND address to add funds to your wallet. To do this, scroll down until you find the desired token in the list, or just start typing its name in the search bar, as shown in the screenshot.

Important. Choose a wallet that is highlighted in red. If you send tokens to the Band Token address, the funds will be lost — these are different cryptocurrencies.

Select the appropriate wallet.

To get the BAND wallet address, click the Receive button.

The BAND address is on the screen. Copy it and pass it to the sender or the crypto exchange where you’ll buy the cryptocurrency.

After a few minutes, the tokens will appear in your wallet. Now you can stake BAND.

How to stake BAND tokens

Now, when the coins are on your account, they can be staked. Select the “Staking” section on the main screen. Then click “Stake” in the tab that opens.

Atomic Wallet displays the available number of coins, taking into account the network fee. Here you can also select the validator that you want to delegate your tokens to. To choose the validator click on the field next to “Validator” and select it from the list of available nodes. The wallet will also calculate your annual income from staking. Click the button to continue.

Enter your wallet password and click “Confirm”.

That’s it. BAND tokens are staked successfully.

Now, when you open the BAND staking section, you will see that staking is active. Here you can get a reward or unstake tokens at any time. The reward is accrued every few minutes. If you want to increase the profitability of staking, you can regularly reinvest the profit.

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