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How to stake Cosmos (ATOM) using the Guarda wallet

The Cosmos team developed an open decentralized network in 2019 through which different blockchains can exchange data with each other. The Cosmos Network’s goal is to create a global, scalable, and interoperable internet of blockchains. ATOM token holders can delegate coins to validator nodes and receive passive income of up to 15% per annum, depending on the number of coins staked.

Read on to learn how to stake Cosmos tokens (ATOMs) in a Guarda desktop or browser wallet.

What is Guarda

Guarda wallet is available on PC, mobile, and web platforms. We will use the web version for this tutorial. For a desktop wallet, the creation and staking procedures are the same. If you are using the Guarda desktop client, you can download it from the links below for your OS:

Now we need to create a crypto wallet so that we can stake ATOM.

How to create a Cosmos wallet

You can create a new wallet for Cosmos or restore an old one using a seed phrase. If there is no wallet yet, then click “Create a New Wallet”.

Create, enter and save a complex password for the wallet. Follow these simple rules for creating a strong password: you need as many different characters as possible without a forward or backward sequence (the logical connection between symbols). Make sure that “Well Done” appears next to the password. This means that the password is strong enough. Then click “I’ve written it down

Wait while the wallet is being created. It will take less than a minute.

Now download the backup keystore file for recovery. Please note that the wallet requires both a password and a backup file to log in. If you lose the backup file, access can only be restored using the mnemonic password. Click “Download Backup” and save the file in the directory you need.

Excellent! We have created a wallet. Let’s replenish it with ATOM tokens. We need to find the Cosmos wallet address. Select the wallet you need from the list, and click on it.

How to top up your wallet

Scan the QR code from another application or click on the address to copy it and then send coins. The transaction takes about a minute.

Done! Cosmos tokens are now in our wallet. Next, we will explain to you how to stake them.

How to stake ATOM

1. By clicking the “Staking” button under the wallet name in the left list.

2. By clicking the “Stake” button under the address and QR code (see screenshot).

Select a wallet with ATOM tokens and a validator. Then click on the arrow in the “To” column and start typing the name of the validator, or just select it from the list.

Now enter the number of tokens you are going to delegate to the validator. To stake the entire amount instead of entering it manually, click on the ATOM number. Then click “Next”.

Check the details of the transaction, and if everything is ok, confirm it.

Done and done! We have successfully staked ATOM tokens in the Guarda web wallet. Remember about the Everstake bot? If you have added a wallet, you will receive a notification as soon as the coins are staked.

Congratulations! You have now become a delegate and will receive passive income in Cosmos tokens. Remember to pick up the reward from time to time and reinvest it to increase your income.

Also, subscribe to Everstake channels if you haven’t already. Here you will find up-to-date articles about PoS cryptocurrencies and guides.








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