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ICON Network: Everstake Contribution Report Q1

Whenever it comes to technology, our company always strives to deliver competitive and effective solutions to the benefit of communities. During the last few months, we were able to complete a significant amount of work, delivering new functionalities across different tools. In this quarterly contribution report, you will be able to discover what has been done for the ICON blockchain.

Everstake is a staking service provider that operates in a wide range of Proof of Stake blockchains, providing customers with numerous staking options to choose from. Being on the market since the EOS mainnet launch, Everstake was able to achieve a high reputation of stable and secure block producer due to its efforts and in-depth team experience.

ICON Contribution Overview.

We tried to get together the most important information regarding the updates and community involvement in one place, and in this material, you will find the following:

  1. Development
  2. DevOps
  3. Educational Materials
  4. Community

ICON Tracking Reward Bot

Instant messaging allows receiving important information on the go, which in turn helps people to make appropriate decisions related to their business, work or side activities. Everstake Telegram Bot is capable of tracking on-chain transactions, wallets activities, rewards, and other essential information. in the Q1 update, we added staking/unstaking and voting/unvoting tracking.

Try ICON Reward and Tracking bot

Bot Functionality Explanation

Everstake ICON Dashboard

Considering the fact that many things across the network change fast, users may want to keep track of the most important activities. During the Q1 2020, we have implemented an improved parser and projected rewards up into the ICON Dashboard.We are planning to release an updated dashboard with complete functionality by Q2 2020.

Vote Monitor

Whether you are a validator or just a user, you may want to know how the voting activity is performed over the network. In order to help you in getting insights, we worked on a service called Vote Monitor, which allows understanding voting dynamics related to different P-Reps. In the course of Q1, we have applied a few changes that improve the service in general.

Try ICON Vote Monitor

Bot Functionality Explanation


  1. Part 1
  2. Part 2

Bug Bounty

Considering the fact that all systems created by human have different vulnerabilities that can’t be noticed for years, Everstake decided to speed up the bug-finding process by opening the Bug Bounty, that allows receiving USDT in exchange to bug information.

Participate in Bug Bounty

Development Operations

Our team has successfully launched another node for tests to ensure the decentralization and stability of the ICON blockchain. We motivated to support the ecosystem because by doing so, we can bring the future closer.


Many individuals across the world would like to know more about the ICON Blockchain, and specifically for this, we conducted an AMA session to cover all questions and provide complete information on each topic. We constantly try support the community by delivering more useful educational materials.

ICON. HYPERCONNECT THE WORLD video explainer for newcomers -

ICON presentation for Ukrainian students

Educational Materials

People are coming to crypto from different industries, and there must be someone who could walk these people through, by providing them with detailed information related to cryptocurrency staking, voting, and others. During this quarter we have published the following educational materials:


  1. ICON Staking Guide Via Ledger Nano X: Secure Way To Stake Your ICX
  2. ICON Staking And Voting Guide Through ICONex Mobile Wallet
  3. ICON Staking Guide Via ICONex: Staking Process Explained Simple
  4. ICON Frequently Asked Questions

Ukrainian and Russian

  1. ICON FAQ — Часто Задаваемые Вопросы По Работе Сети
  2. ICON Стейкинг С Помощью Ledger Nano X: Безопасный способ делегировать ICX
  3. ICON Стейкинг С Помощью Кошелька ICONex На Десктопе
  4. ICON Стейкинг С Помощью Кошелька ICONex На Мобильных Устройствах
  5. Что такое ICON? ICON как блокчейн. Часть 1
* * * * *

Everstake is one of the ICON P-reps! Please support us with your vote!
Every single vote matters for us, allowing us to continue developing tools for ICON blockchain and supporting the East European community.

Staking with ICONex Web Wallet
Staking with ICONex Mobile Wallet
Staking with Ledger
How to get ICX rewards

Twitter: @Everstake_pool
Telegram: @Everstake_chat
Reddit: /r/Everstake/

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