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Tezos Staking Guide Via Guarda Wallet: Stake. Wait. Earn.

Blockchain technology has allowed thousands of people to conduct financial operations in a decentralized manner and use different instruments while staying anonymous. Guarda Wallet is one of those technology products that offer full-fledged and secure access to the cryptocurrency market right on your personal computer or smartphone, allowing you to send, receive, exchange and stake digital assets. In this guide, our team will describe the staking process of Tezos, and by the end of this material, you will learn how to stake XTZ.

Right from the beginning it’s important to note, that Guarda Wallet is available for such platforms as Windows, iOS, Android and also it can be installed as a Chrome Plugin.

This guide assumes that you have at least 10 XTZ on your account, so that you could to start staking with Everstake.

Once you install the application, click on the ‘Create a new wallet’ button, choose your password which will be used to unlock your backup file and all underlying private keys from your wallets.

Make sure, that you save both a password and backup file because they can’t be recovered if lost.

Once you get into the main menu, enter into the search bar ‘Tezos’

First, you have to click on the small button called ‘Staking’, so that another one called ‘Deposit for staking’ could show up. Simply click on it.

In the next menu choose Everstake as your validator in the dropdown menu and set the desired amount you’d like to stake and proceed further.

Name: Everstake
Address: tz1aRoaRhSpRYvFdyvgWLL6TGyRoGF51wDjM
Promotional Fee: 5%
Promotion Duration: 3 months, until September 1st or approximately 34 Tezos cycles
Base fee after promotion: 8%

Attention to all current and future Everstake delegators! Please, delegate/redelegate your XTZ to a new baker — Everstake (Old Baker — Everstake Legacy). You will continue to receive the rewards and won’t miss anything!

Verify all details and confirm your financial operation.

In a just few minutes the network will confirm your staking transaction and soon you will be receiving rewards.

Please note that if you are staking XTZ, then you have to wait 12 cycles(approximately 35 days) for the network to pay you the first rewards. After the first payment, you will be getting your rewards every 3 cycles.

All rewards will be displayed under the ‘History’ section of the wallet.

* * * * *

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