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Teztracker: Extended MVP Stage

We’re happy to announce that our Tezos block explorer Teztracker has now been updated to the extended MVP version.


So, let us share what we’ve been working on for the past month or so.

New features added to Teztracker

The new version of Teztracker supports new features and provides redesign of some existing functionality:

  • Double-baking & double-endorsement evidence
  • Activations list
  • Originations list
  • Support of Babylonnet
  • Contracts list
  • Newly redesigned dashboard

screen 1.jpg

Besides, next week we’ll be adding baking rights and snapshots.

What’s next on the roadmap

In a future release, we’ll be focusing on bakers and the amendment process among other things. Baker page will become personalized for public delegation services and will include information like performance, payout accuracy and past votes, in general, it will provide more detailed stats.

The whole codebase is going to be available on GitHub soon. Stay tuned!

As usual, we welcome any feedback or ideas.


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