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What Everstake has done for the ICON ecosystem in the second quarter of 2020

We've done a lot of work. The Everstake team worked productively in the second quarter of 2020, and we want to share our results with you. So here's what we managed to do.

We have completed the development of our validator monitor for ICON - Vote Monitor

We have updated some features and added new ones. Now token holders can not only view the statistics of validators in the ICON ecosystem (ICX) on the monitor site, but also find out information about  specific accounts:

  • Number of ICON tokens available;
  • Number ICX staked;
  • Number of votes;
  • Number of unstaked coins;
  • Reward (I-SCORE).

Example of information about a specific account .

We have added new sections on the validators page:

  • Votes – list of voters addresses and the number of tokens delegated by them;
  • Transfers - list of transactions associated with the validator's address;
  • Visualization - visual representation of the network of a specific validator and its delegates;

We've also added visualization. You can see what the network looks like in real time.

And this is what the Everstake network looks like with staking delegates. It's quite nice, isn't it?

More information about what was done can be found on the ICON community website

A script for detecting inactive nodes was developed


It may happen that your server fails for some reason and cannot support the network. In such circumstances, you need to have a solution at hand that allows you to quickly switch to another validator node.


Our team has developed a script that sends a notification to the Telegram channel if the server stops serving the network. All you need is a backup server with a pre-configured ICON node. Read more in our Medium blog


ICON Europe webinar was held


ICON Europe  is a large-scale initiative created to expand the ICON community and bring together all European validators. The project is organizing and planning activities to achieve this goal by 2023. In the end of May our team held a joint webinar with ICON Europe in support of the ICON community.


We've launched Bug Bounty


We award ICX tokens to users and developers who find errors on the ICON Vote Monitor site. The event will run until August 1, 2020. For more information about Bug Bounty, visit the ICON community website.


We made guides and tutorials for ICON token holders


We have made various guides that will help beginners figure out how to make ICX tokens using various cryptocurrency wallets:



You can also read how to claim ICX tokens and stake coins.


We've published some articles on Forklog


We have published promotional materials on staking for the ICON project on Forklog, one of the largest blockchain media resources in the CIS and Europe. More guides can be found here and here.


Subscribe to our blog and stay tuned on our Everstake website.

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