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What Tezos (XTZ) token holders need to know about the new Everstake baker

When you delegate funds to baker (a validator in the Tezos network), you will receive a reward after some time. A fee is charged for every token transfer in the network.

But with the release of the new baker, the Everstake validator covers the staking fee for you and will continue to do so! If you delegate to the old baker, then you need to re-delegate XTZ tokens to the new baker, and then the fee will decrease from 8% to 5%, and staking with Everstake will become even more profitable. If you haven't done this yet, you're more likely to switch to a new baker. Information about the old and new baker is provided below. 

The old baker

Name: Everstake Legacy

Address: tz1MXFrtZoaXckE41bjUCSjAjAap3AFDSr3N

Current fee: 8%

The fee after August 1: 15%

The new baker has the following characteristics:

New baker

Name: Everstake

Address: tz1aRoaRhSpRYvFdyvgWLL6TGyRoGF51wDjM

The fee during the promotion: 5%

The duration of the promotion: 2 months prior to September 1 or approximately 34 cycles Tezos 

The fee after the end of promotion: 8%

Attention all current and future Everstake delegates! Please delegate/redelegate your XTZ tokens to the new baker. You will continue to receive rewards and will not miss anything!

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