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Delegating step-by-step

Mina Delegation is an alternative to direct staking, with the advantage that you don't need to maintain your own node, which must always be online.

Delegators can stake their own mina to any block producer in exchange for a predetermined portion of the rewards (dependent on the terms the validator offers), minus any validator fees. Block producers are randomly selected for work on the chain, proportional to the amount of staked mina on the node (stake includes both self-bonded and delegated tokens). The more total mina staked to a node, the higher the probability it will be selected to produce a block.

You can delegate MINA tokens by using ~Clorio wallet, Auro wallet extension, or StakingPower mobile wallet.

Check out these guides on how to delegate MINA tokens via:

Please refer to our “Educational material” for guides in other languages.

If you are interested in staking $100,000 (in MINA tokens) or more, please Email us to get a special offer!


About Mina

Mina Protocol is a next-generation Proof-of-Stake blockchain that stores transactions in a succinct form. The Mina blockchain is only 22KB in size. The size of the blockchain is immutable no matter how long it is used. Thanks to this, Mina Protocol provides fast synchronization of nodes. Mina operates on succinct proofs of state or SNARK-based compressed proofs of state. It is thanks to this approach that it is possible to achieve such compression.

What is the Mina Protocol’s APY?

Currently, the APY is 12% for locked tokens and 24% (Supercharged rewards) for unlocked tokens.

It should be noted that the emission is unlimited, and the token inflation rate will decline annually from 12% until it reaches 7%. See the chart below:

NOTE! The 12% (24%) is the average value and it can slightly change from epoch to epoch depending on how many blocks were won.

Months From LaunchSupercharged Reward Target
0 — 524%
6 — 621%
9 — 1118%
12 — 1415%

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