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Everstake Enters Into the Neo3 Preview1 TestNet Deploying A Consensus Node

Financial technologies mean a lot for almost every single industry because they make financial interactions faster and less expensive. By supporting such attempts to drive progress, we can see a better future sooner. Neo platform represents a completely new type of digital economy, which can be used in many ways, benefiting not only itself but the traditional markets as well.

Our team has been successfully deployed a consensus node in the Neo3 Preview1 TestNet, which paves the way for all the network to test and apply all necessary updates as well as different features. The new update brings many positive changes to the network, starting from architecture optimization, stability improvements, performance enhancements, and others.

Everstake will support the Neo3 Preview1 TestNet with all required technical and human resources so that the network could make a faster transition to the new version of the protocol which will benefit hundreds of thousands of Neo users.

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