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Skale_delegation_bot script from Everstake: what it can do and what it is for

Our team at Everstake has developed a simple and convenient bot for verifying transactions awaiting confirmation for SKALE validators. We will describe to you what this bot can do as well as how to install and use it.

What the bot does

Skale_delegation_bot is a bash script that checks whether the SKALE validator has delegations in a PROPOSED state every four hours using the native Sk-val application. This means that the delegations have not yet been accepted by the validator, that is, they are awaiting confirmation. If such transactions are detected, Everstake receives a notification in Telegram and accepts them manually.

The bot is designed and runs on Linux operating system. Once notified by the bot of pending delegations, the validator can clarify what the current transaction fee is and, in case the fee is high, decide whether to accept the delegation now or later.

How to install the bot

First install curl:

sudo apt-get install curl

Then install the script itself from the GitHub repository:

git clone

chmod + x skale_delegations_check .sh

To run, use the command:


It’s possible to run the script using Supervisor

Done. Now you are ready to utilize the script.

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