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How to earn EOS

EOS supports staking using special proxies, but not every user can run them. This requires an impressive amount of investment and technical knowledge. But there is an alternative: you can vote for Block Producer or for a proxy along with staking EOS tokens, in order to receive rewards. Everstake provides the rewards proxy, users can vote for it and receive up to 4% APR in EOS

Delegation Guides and Articles:

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In case you are interested in staking token amounts larger than $100,000 (in USD equivalent), please contact us We will be glad to propose special terms for you


The role of AtticLab / Everstake in the EOS Ecosystem

AtticLab strives to build an ecosystem that is community driven and which reflects all necessities of EOS users. AtticLab was founded in 2016. Our diverse and experienced team allows us to focus on building our own blockchain applications

Mission of Attic Lab is to create a compliant and decentralized financial system that benefits all its participants. As part of our strategy we support open source blockchain initiatives and share our expertise with the blockchain community by delivering lectures and workshops. Our past experience of working with banks and other financial institutions gives strong evidence that the modern financial system will suffer from the "code is the law" attitude. The future decentralized financial system needs arbitrage. That is why we believe in the approach that the EOS team sticks to. To facilitate the development of the EOS ecosystem, Attic Lab has become the EOS Block Producer and shares its expertise along with resources with the global community.

EOS Block Producer

At AtticLab, we believe in the technology behind EOS. That is why we commit our resources to its development and mass adoption. As a Block Producer, we run a complex infrastructure with nodes located in Ukraine, Singapore, and Germany. Our top-notch hardware and software allow us to be in the TOP-5 of the fastest EOS Block Producers.

As a Block Producer AtticLab:

  • performs technical tasks (creates and validates blocks, hosts full seed node and back-up servers)
  • bears governance responsibilities (manages buggy accounts, take-down notices of files, manages hard and soft forks)

You can support the AtticLab / Everstake team by voting for us here. This will help us to intensify our support of the EOS Ecosystem and add to the platform development.

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