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How to Create and Manage EOS Account on Your Ledger. Stake EOS to Earn Rewards

Okay, you have just got a new Ledger device and can’t wait to start using it? 

Or maybe you have your Ledger set up already but struggling to create an EOS account and connect it to your Ledger? This Guide will help in both scenarios.

We use Ledger Nano X, but the EOS account creation steps are the same for other types of Ledger.

To create an EOS account, you will need approximately 0.3 EOS (transferred from a crypto exchange or another account. This is a one-time fee for EOS account creation. There are free methods to create an EOS account, but they might require more effort in order to generate keys and further setup, so let’s proceed with the easiest option in this guideline.

Let’s begin with Ledger setup, install the software required and then proceed to account creation using the dashboard.

1) Download and install the Ledger Live application. Learn more about Ledger setup here.


2) Launch the Ledger Live app and set up your device if you haven’t done it before:

A. Accept Terms and Conditions


B. Choose your Ledger type


C. Set up a new device or connect your Ledger to the app using a recovery phrase. Your private key is stored within your device. You must be the only one to own it to be in control of your funds. Ledger works as a “cold storage”. This means that it never exposes a private key online, even when using the app.


D. Follow the app guide steps and set up a PIN code (2 to 8 digits) and recovery phrase. Store your recovery phrase written on a paper in some secure place. Don’t share it with anyone!

E. After setting up your new Ledger, upgrade the firmware, if needed, in the Ledger Live app.


F. In the Ledger Live/Manager, install apps you want to use. Let’s search for EOS and install it.


3) Download and install Anchor Wallet App.

The Anchor wallet provides EOSIO-based DeFi access and is available on both mobile and desktop platforms. Before starting, install the client on your computer:

Install the program and run it. The wallet will be installed automatically — all that remains is to create an account. To do so, on the initial screen, click Setup an Account.


Create and enter a strong password that is used to access encrypted wallet files, then store it in a safe place: on paper or in a password manager. Create a strong password – the more symbols you use and the more varied they are, the better.


A list of blockchains that Anchor wallet supports will open. Choose the EOS blockchain.


All these steps are described in detail in our Guide How to Earn Rewards in EOS by Voting for Proxy (Using Anchor Wallet).

4) Enable Ledger service in the Anchor app.




5) Create an account and copy the public key in a few simple steps:

Go to and choose Wallet → Create Account.

Choose the account name (12 symbols long, only lowercase letters a-z or numbers 1-5).

Write down and store in a secure place your private key – you will need it further on. Copy and save your public key.


Once all fields are filled, you will see the notification:


Use one of the proposed methods to finish the account creation.

Important: when sending EOS from the exchange to the address mentioned, make sure to use the proposed recipient's address, and don’t forget about the memo!

For the 2nd method, you can transfer EOS with the help of Wombat Wallet, Scatter, etc.

6) After the transaction is done, open the Anchor wallet again.

A. Press Enable Ledger Wallet button (the green icon with USB)

B. Select Import an existing Account.


C. Select Import an existing Private Key.


D. Import the Private Key you copied before from the dashboard.


E. Import the @active account (you can also import the @owner account, yet you’ll require @active for most of the operations).

18_eos_ledger_end_the import_of_account

F. Confirm your password to continue.


G. Done!


7) If interested in staking/voting in order to earn rewards in EOS, follow the steps described in our Guide How to Earn Rewards in EOS by Voting for Proxy (Using Anchor Wallet).

In EOS, proxies are given the right to vote for BPs using the delegated votes of the holders. To get the reward, vote for proxies like the one from Everstake (“everstakeone”). In case you stake and vote for ‘everstakeone’ proxy, the yield is 2-3%.

When using Ledger, you can be confident about the safety of your crypto savings. Ledger also protects you from hackers, malicious software, and attacks. No one can access your account from the network! Just make sure not to lose your recovery phrase and store it securely.

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