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TokenPocket:投票给区块生产者BPs 并获得EOS奖励

There are not many general-purpose wallets that can meet the needs of users and at the same time provide high-quality services. With these factors in mind, we decided to create a step-by-step guide to help you earn 2-3% rewards using EOS tokens.

Not sure how to vote with EOS? Why vote? No problem, the Everstake team provides detailed answers to these questions in our second guide. Are you interested? Click the link .

Most importantly, before starting our journey into the world of TokenPocket, we would like to remind you that since April 2021, the PowerUp model has replaced the previous Staking (staking) model and REX (resource exchange) model. Of course, we have already described the above model in detail in a previously published article, so you can follow the link below to learn more - EOS transition to PowerUp article. Possible model solutions for RAM, CPU/NET .

Download the app

To download the app for TokenPocket Wallet, simply search for "TokenPocket" in the App Store or PlayStore and select a similar app as shown in the screenshot below. Meanwhile, you can download the app on different platforms through the following links:

Keep in mind that the desktop version of TokenPocket only allows you to browse existing situations and does not give you the opportunity to vote and earn rewards. Therefore, we will use the smartphone version of the app.


Create account

After opening the downloaded app, you can enter the wallet in two ways: create a new account or import an existing account. In this guide, we will vote and earn rewards through an existing Wombat wallet account, but will also show how to create a new account.

To do this, first click on the " No Accounts  " button.


After that, choose how you want to create your account. Here we will click the Email/Phone button.


Then, enter your email address and a special one-time code sent to your email.


Afterwards, you must set up an account. To do this, type the account name on the first line. Most importantly, the name should be unique and meet the length requirements set by the EOS account. Then, set a password and tick the "Accept Terms of Service and Privacy Policy" option. After that just press the Next Step  button.


Finally, you have to pay the standard fee to get an account. After paying a certain amount via Alipay or WeChat, you will have access to your wallet.

Since there are many free wallets with high quality services, we will use one of them and import an existing Wombat wallet into the TokenPocket guide.

get private key

To create an EOS account in Anchor, you need to obtain a private key from your wallet, which can be obtained from any crypto wallet that supports the EOS Power Up model: eg Wombat . We will use the Wombat wallet as an example to illustrate the process of obtaining the private key.

So please download the Wombat wallet and install it. To get the private key, go to the Wombat wallet settings page and select Keys & Accounts  .


If you have purchased the private key before, it will appear on the screen and you can copy it to import it into another wallet.

If the account has not been used, please add EOS token and purchase the private key (the fee is 2 EOS). It takes 5-15 minutes after payment to generate it. You will receive your personal private key when Wombat verifies the payment. Please copy it, you will need it to create an EOS account in Anchor Wallet.


Set up a TokenPocket account

To import a Wombat wallet account, go to the login page and click the I have an account button.


Enter the private key obtained from the Wombat wallet and set a password. To avoid forgetting your login information, you can also set reminders.


Your setup has been successfully completed! Now you can view all available assets, transfer assets, receive more assets, and even exchange assets. Now, let's introduce how to staking.

You need to stake EOS tokens to vote and receive rewards . But don't doubt it - we're not staking for resources to execute transactions, we're staking for voting.

To do this, enter the amount of CPU and NET to stake (in EOS tokens) on the resources page. We use a small amount of CPU in the example, just for reference. Also, keep in mind that you don't need to stake a lot of NET resources - 0.1 EOS is enough. Stake CPU for real rewards.

If you stake and vote for the "everstakeone" proxy, the yield is 2-3% and it will be applied to the total amount you stake.

For example, if you have pledged 1000 EOS to CPU and 0.1 EOS to NET, you will get 2-3% annual income of 1000.1 EOS, which is about 20-30 EOS per year.

Additionally, staking your tokens in exchange for voting adds a three-day buffer, allowing you to protect your tokens from theft if your keys are compromised. Once you have staked your tokens, there is a 72-hour cooling-off period before you can transfer them out of your account.


Vote for Block Producer (BP)

After staking a certain amount, go back to the main menu and click the Vote button.

In the EOS Vote menu, search for the atticlabeosb block producer, as shown below.


Press the "+" button to select the specified block producer BP.


Finally, to complete your vote, please verify your password.


Note: Voting for a block producer does not entitle you to a reward. This is used to incentivize block producers to maintain high-quality services and actively grow the EOS ecosystem.

Vote for a proxy and get rewarded

In EOS, proxies have the right to vote for block producers BPs using votes delegated by holders. To get rewards, vote for a proxy like Everstake (everstakeone) .

To quickly find the proxies you need, go to the "Proxies Voting" menu and search for Everstake . Then click the "Vote Him" ​​button and enter your password again to confirm your choice.


Congratulations! You have voted for Everstake Proxy and start earning rewards now.

Frequently Asked Questions about voting with EOS

You can view EOS voting statistics here .

Poll analysis is available here .

It is hoped that all EOS account holders will be able to vote for the most desirable block producers. You can vote for up to 30 block producers at a time. The following information is provided by the EOS community:

How long is my vote valid for?

Your ballot is valid for a long time. However, their half-life is 365 days. This means that after 90 days, the vote is worth 80% of its original weight.

How often can users vote?

EOS accounts will be able to vote at will, and every time an account changes its selection, the vote will be distributed to the re-elected producer.

What happens if I change my vote?

Every time you vote, your previous vote becomes a new vote. This happens every time you vote, so your new choice will overwrite the old one.

How much does it cost to vote?

Vote for your favorite block producer is completely free! It is important to choose producers that you think will be helpful to the community and the EOS network.

When does voting end?

There is no end date for voting. You can vote and change your vote as many times as you want. Voting will be valid as long as the EOS network is available.

Is it safe to vote?

As long as your private key is safe. Don't use your private key where you don't trust it. We recommend against using the private key directly on any website.

About AtticLab

AtticLab (Kiev, Ukraine) was founded in 2016. Initially, we worked with Ambisafe, Alliance Bank and Humaniq to develop blockchain solutions for banks and other financial institutions. Now, we have a diverse and experienced team, which allows us to focus on developing our own blockchain applications. Our project planning includes Cryptagio, a cryptocurrency trading platform, and openbankIT, an open source software for banks.

AtticLab's mission is to create a compliant and decentralized financial system that benefits all its participants. As part of our strategy, we support open source blockchain initiatives and share our expertise with the blockchain community by providing guides and educational content. Our past experience with banks and other financial institutions is strong evidence that the modern financial system is being influenced by a "code is the law" attitude. The future decentralized financial system requires arbitrage. This is why we believe in the approach that the EOS team adheres to. To facilitate the growth of the EOS ecosystem, AtticLab has become an EOS block producer and shares its expertise and resources with the global community.

As an EOS block producer

At AtticLab, we believe in the concepts and technology behind EOS. That's why we dedicate our resources to its development and large-scale application. As block producers, we run a complex infrastructure with our nodes located in Ukraine, Singapore and Germany. Our state-of-the-art hardware and software make us one of the top five fastest EOS block producers.

As a block producer:

– AtticLab performs technical tasks (creating and validating blocks, hosting full seed nodes and backup servers);

– AtticLab assumes administrative responsibility (managing problematic accounts, file deletion notifications, managing hard forks and soft forks).

You can support the AtticLab/Everstake team by voting for us. This will help us strengthen our support for the EOS ecosystem and increase the development of the platform.


contact us


Telegram:  atticlabeosb

Telegram Live Chat:

Twitter: @atticlab_it

Medium (publishing platform):  and

Github code hosting platform:

useful link


EOS Explorer


Wombat Wallet  (fee transactions and automated resource management)

Anchor Wallet  (free account and free transactions)

TokenPocket Wallet

To activate an account:

Create an EOS account:

EOS Community Forum:

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